Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Love and Smokey Cinnamon-Sugar Popcorn

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far. 

I've been crazy busy lately, preparing for my dietetic internship which starts NEXT WEEK!

**insert freak out here**

That also means I haven't had a lot of time to try new recipes and test blog ideas, which is why I am so happy to be a part of the Recipe Redux. It helps me get my butt into gear and start experimenting!
This month's Recipe Redux theme is all about smokey flavors. My instant thought was using some kind of spice, so I finally got my hands on some smoked paprika.

It's pretty awesome. Paprika itself has a pretty mild taste. It's often used to add color, but getting the smoked paprika helps give recipes a serious smoked flavor!

I also recently tried popping my own popcorn (on a stove) and it was a GAME changer!

Microwave popcorn is tasty, don't get me wrong, but often, it is LOADED with salt, fat and who knows what else. 

Making it stovetop allows you to control all the not so great things while adding so much flavor. l'm not huge fan of adding a lot of fat and sugar, but sometimes you just gotta indulge. 

Popcorn is a great way to do that too. It's kind of a perfect snack because it has that salty, light flavor that we all like from chips and the like, but it also has fiber and is generally low in calories!

That means if you're hungry and craving a salty/sweet treat, this will satisfy your craving while also filling you up a little until your next meal.
Look out for more recipes with popcorn because this is such a cool way to experiment with different spices!

Enough talking, let's get cooking!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Love and Stir-Fry Veggie Brown Rice

Happy 2015 everyone!!
On top of the beginning of this year, it is also the ONE YEAR anniversary of
Love & Grub! 

It has been so much fun and such a joy to write in this little blog. I never knew how much it would change me. 

I am forever grateful for all the positive feedback and love that I've gotten from my family, friends and people who have tried my recipes! I can't even begin to explain how appreciative I am because this blog has given so much to me in the process.

1. It helped me step way out of my comfort zone. It is SCARY to post your thoughts to the public but the more I posted, the easier it got. In the process, I've gained confidence in myself and am less fearful of sharing my ideas with others.
2. I have become a way better cook. When I started blogging, and even before that, I would overcook stuff a lot, or over/under season. I've tried new ingredients, new techniques and new styles of cooking which has totally expanded my skills. 
3. I have the best relationship with food ever. I truly never thought I would be able to eat like I do. As I've mentioned before, it all about loving what you eat and balance.

So thank you all for your encouragement and for following me on this journey! 

Now, onto the cooking...

I had a request to add a fried rice recipe by one of my best friends, which also happens to be something I make ALL the time so I thought it was the perfect recipe to start the new year off with.

I love stir frying for many reasons and since we all love a good list, here is why it is a great way to eat healthy:

1. It is a great way to make veggies the main attraction.
2. It is a way to give veggies that savory and comforting flavor we all love. By adding the soy sauce and spices, it adds so much to the veggies that can often become bland or not exciting.

3. It is so versatile! You can literally add anything to these and it will (likely) still be good! It can be totally vegan, you can add tofu, or you can add some chicken, shrimp, steak. You can add only veggies you like, and try different ones out. It is a perfect "make it how you love it" recipe!

Let's get to it!

Stir-Fry Veggie Brown Rice
Servings: About 4 (for side dish) or 2 (if main meal)