Saturday, November 29, 2014

Love and Garlic-Lime Shrimp Tacos

I am by no means "old". I actually still feel like a baby sometimes, but I am getting older. 

One of the things that makes me realize this is my lack of presence on social media.
I was talking to someone I work with who is several years younger than me, and she had almost 100 likes on an Instagram photo. I told her I've never had more than 30 and she even said, "but it's different for you" because she and those her age utilize social media more so than my age group.

And although before Facebook, we all had Myspace, xanga, away messages etc., Facebook obviously changed things in the social media world. So I mainly use that, as well as Instagram

Now what does this have to do with Love&Grub? 

Well, social media is how I promote this little blog.

I've been trying to increase my presence by utilizing Snapchat to cook my recipes, record them live and posting them on snapchat. (Follow me @loveandgrub)

The first thing I cooked was my Cream of Mushroom sauce and the second thing was... 
you guessed it, Garlic-Lime Shrimp Tacos! 

 These tacos are so easy to make! Shrimp is low in total fat and especially important, it is low in saturated fat. Plus, they cook super fast so they are easy for quick, weekday meals.

I used my Roasted Root Veggie Salad as the base of veggies, but you can use any you like! 

I highly suggest trying sweet potato which is my new favorite sweet addition to tacos. It is an awesome balance with the savory, garlic-y shrimp!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Love and Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

Now this isn't your average roasted root veggie salad. For all my Russians out there, you may recognize that some of these combined ingredients look a little familiar.

Well, this is my healthy take on a very classic Russian salad called "Vinegret"

This month, the Recipe Redux asked us to share some favorite food memories and this salad definitely has many great memories. 

It brings me right back to sitting around the table with my family during holidays and family events, eating, talking and eating some more. 

Russian cuisine (like the people) is quite unique. If you ever go to a Russian family's home, or a wedding or some sort of celebration, prepare to eat a lot of food.

I know, everyone eats a lot of food at the holidays but Russian's definitely take the cake on this one.

Russian people have a table usually filled with "zakuski" or appetizers, which is typically a few salads, different vegetables, and other various little sides. Sounds kinda healthy, right?

Well, not entirely.
A lot of these salads use tons of potato and tons of mayo.

But they are SO good, so it's okay.

We do incorporate the use of a lot of fresh herbs and veggies, so I have grown up with this great healthy habit that I've taken well into my adulthood and it is something I am forever grateful for. #thanksgiving

A lot of people do this salad their own way. Some use beans instead of peas, some use no mayo, etc. 

The way my mom makes it (which is obviously the best way) is she uses boiled beets, boiled potatoes, carrots, pickles and sweet peas. She usually adds either a little extra oil or just a little mayo, with some scallions or some fresh herbs. 

Boiling the root veggies gives them a soft texture, and it really lends well to making this salad sweet and savory with the beets and potatoes.

I decided to make my own take on this by replacing the potatoes with sweet potatoes, using parsnips instead of carrots and roasting the veggies instead of boiling them.

You can definitely use carrots, but I wanted to use parsnips for the color since the sweet potato is orange too.

I know pickle sounds kind of weird but it gives it a nice crunch, with a pop of vinegar. The beets caramelize, the sweet potato and parsnips soften and the sweet peas bring everything together (and would be a great way to use some of the Libby's packages I mentioned in my last post see: Cilantro Lime Couscous)

It is just a wonderful mix of flavors for a perfect side dish (or starter).

Let's get to it!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Love and Cilantro-Lime Corn Couscous

I received free samples of Libby’s new Vegetable Pouches mentioned in this post. By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by Libby’s and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time.

What a week it has been! I found out this past Sunday that I matched with my first choice for a dietetic internship. 

Now, I am sure you wondering to yourself...what does that mean?

Well, in order to become a licensed Registered Dietitian, you must complete a dietetic internship where you essentially are trained how to be a dietitian, mostly in a clinical setting (aka hospitals), and other areas of the profession. It is the last stage in the process, which also qualifies you to take a licensing exam.

Basically what I have been working my butt off for the last 3 years. So I am just thrilled, excited and feeling very blessed.

I have been waiting for several weeks to find this out so in the meantime, I have been distracting myself by working on an awesome recipe for the Recipe Redux's latest challenge -- to create delicious appetizers, soups, salads and side dishes in 10 minutes or less using Libby’s!

What are Libby's, you ask?

They are these awesome little veggie packs. They are microwavable, which makes them so EASY to use, they take up less space in your pantry (which is perfect for a small kitchen like mine) and environmentally friendly! They use 75% less energy to produce pouch packaging.

I was excited to try something out, and love the challenge of making something in 10 minutes or less.

It made me feel like I was on Chopped or something. Kind of.

Anyway, these little guys come in different types, including sweet corn, sweet peas and green beans. They are currently available at Walmart, but will be available nationally soon.

When I think of making something fast, couscous comes to mind because it takes almost no time to cook. You make a quick, sweet broth using some of the corn and the juice. It is dressed in some cilantro, lime and olive oil to liven it up but it is pretty amazing on its own.

I love taking couscous and turning it into a salad by adding some more fresh veggies and some vinaigrette! So so good!

Let's get to it!