Sunday, January 19, 2014

Love and Tilapia

After a wonderful weekend, with eating a few too many meals out, I was in need of a good healthy meal tonight. I love going out to eat and having some drinks with friends. Like many new couples, Steve and I would go out to eat all the time when we first started dating. Although we still do it more than we probably should, I have really grown to enjoy eating at home and cooking. Plus, it doesn't hurt to save some money. 

As I've said before, balance is key. It is OKAY to indulge. Enjoy it, love it and eat what you are craving. Overindulging is another story, but the more you allow yourself to eat what you want and start listening to your body, the easier it will be to maintain a balance between feeding your body healthily and happily. 

It is also important to be smart about our choices. Last night, I had a light dinner and within hours, I was hungry again. Luckily, the bar we were at was still serving food. The second I walked in a saw a couple eating a pizza, I knew I had to have some. I wasn't sure if it was my hunger pulling me towards the pizza or a little of my white zinfandel talking. Once I had some pizza, I knew it was hunger. Is pizza healthy? Not really. But I wanted it and I needed something to eat. 

This is our friend Matt. We started a new tradition last night with pizza and I look forward to keeping it going for years and years. Anyway, late night pizza and wine isn't the healthiest so needless to say, today I was craving something fresh and light.

If you couldn't tell by the title, I made tilapia. Plus lots of VEGGIES. As you can see in the photo below, I made a medley using brussel sprouts, baby carrots, broccoli and a mix of greens (it has spinach, kale and swiss chard), but you can just use spinach..or not. Whatever you want. Plus some garlic towards the end. I also baked some sweet potato.

For the tilapia, you just need the fish itself (I used two filets), some grated parmesan cheese, ground pepper and a little olive oil. 

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Drizzle the tilapia with a LITTLE olive oil. Then put some ground pepper on and cover the tilapia in parmesan cheese. It should look like this.

This will bake very quickly, only about 10-12 minutes. I tried to turn the broil on at the end for about 2 minutes to give it a crust but didn't want to dry it out too much. I am not a big lemon fan on my fish but I am sure squeezing some fresh lemon at the end would be good. You don't really need any salt for this because the cheese is salty.

For the veggies, start sautéing the brussels and carrots first in a little olive oil. I cut both in half. Since I used frozen broccoli, I defrosted it in boiling water then added it to the veggies. Lastly, I added the garlic (minced, of course) and the greens. Add salt to taste.

If you want to do this exact meal, you should start with the sweet potatoes as they will take the longest to bake. I just cut it into small pieces and put it into the oven while it was preheating. It'll take about 20-25 minutes. Aim to make them similar in size (so they cook evenly), drizzle some olive oil and dash with salt. 

Once it is all done, compile on a plate and EAT. So good.

Tilapia was the first fish I ever cooked. It is delicious. It has a mild flavor so for those of you who aren't big fans, I suggest starting with something like this. It is really tasty with the addition of the veggies. 

Hope you enjoy!

Lots of LOVE,


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