Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love and Lox

Not to be the typical Jewish girl, but when I said love and lox, I really meant LOVE and lox. One of the things that I spent years not allowing myself to eat were the most delicious bagels with cream cheese. Now that I have finally allowed myself to enjoy this fantastic Jewish staple, I am just hooked. This post isn't meant to teach you how to make a bagel with cream cheese and lox, or why it is the healthiest thing for you because technically, it is not all that "healthy", but in the land of love and grub, we eat what we love which is just important for our health.

As you can imagine, I have been exposed to bagels, cream cheese and lox for years and years. In the past, I would either not allow myself to eat it or shame myself for eating it. Or I would order a bagel, get the cream cheese on the side, scoop out half the bagel and put a little reduced-fat cream cheese on it.

Just google bagel and healthy. You will get post after post with articles discussing if bagels are healthy or not. If YOU want to eat a bagel with cream cheese and lox, or whatever topping you like, I am asking you to eat the damn bagel. 

For me, the days of scooped out, reduced-fat cream cheese with no lox are long gone.

The reason I prefer the lox with it, aside from the fact that it tastes so amazing, is that it adds a good source of protein which makes this meal filling and allows it to be something that will keep me satisfied and sustained for a few hours. It's true that bagels are going to make your sugar spike, then crash which will leave you feeling tired and hungry in no time. So when you add a good source of protein, it can make all the difference.  Also, salmon has tons of nutrients. Most importantly, however, is starting my day with something I truly love to eat which makes the rest of the day more enjoyable. 

I also buy whole wheat bagels that are smaller in size, because in truth, the bagels you get at your local bagel spot are probably way too big. As I have said before, portions are extremely important. But once in a while, we'll go to this bagel place near me called Fill-A-Bagel and it is such a treat to have a fresh baked bagel (no matter what size) with delicious cream cheese and lox. 

You'll be surprised at how once you allow yourself to eat the foods you love and actually enjoy eating them,just how much less you'll think about food. That little voice in your head tends to be louder than your actual body telling you whether or not it is hungry. 

Remember that learning how to eat foods that taste good and will fill you up will make a huge difference. I hope that each of these posts helps you to begin to allow yourself to stop restricting, start listening to your body and learning how to balance your food to achieve happiness and healthfulness. 

In case you were wondering, it is pretty easy to prepare this dish. Start with a bagel, toast it if you like, fill with your favorite schmear and toppings and eat it up! Sometimes I add some veggies too for some added nutrients and crunch. Make it how you love it!

Hope you enjoy!

Lots of LOVE,


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